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Tyson Fury announces his retirement from boxing again after comeback talk

Tyson Fury has chosen his 34th birthday to announce his latest retirement from boxing having previously performed a number of U-turns over his future in the sport. Fury, who still

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South Carolina lawmakers consider near total abortion ban

A small group of South Carolina lawmakers have given their approval to a near total abortion ban that does not include exceptions for pregnancies’ caused by rape or incest. The

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Skeptical on U.S. stocks, equity hedge funds sit out market rally

Still uncertain on where U.S. stocks are headed, equity hedge funds are sitting out the market rally despite taking big paper losses on bearish bets since June, according to industry

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Samsung 55-Inch Odyssey Ark curved gaming display pre-orders open at $3,500

Samsung is now accepting pre-orders for the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming display. The hulking display, which was originally revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, is appropriately

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Couple Quit Jobs to Travel the World in Van They Renovated and Transformed for 25K

Quitting jobs and traveling across the country in a camper van is not a dream that’s unique to Americans—as proven by England’s Helen Weedon and Tristan Young. Together, they dumped

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