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‘It doesn’t need to be a setback’: how elite athletes return from pregnancy

Serena Williams has never liked the word “retirement”. Her move away from tennis, announced in an essay in the September issue of Vogue, is an “evolution”, she says. In her

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Queer conversion therapy is still practiced in the US: Experts say we need to talk about it

Precious Brady-Davis knew at a young age she was a girl. “I knew I wasn’t like my brother, the football player. I wasn’t like my sister, the cheerleader, and I

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Tencent’s Q2 results take center stage in Asia

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Jamie McGeever Earnings from China’s Tencent, an interest rate decision from New Zealand, and a clutch of Japanese economic indicators

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Your iPhone might soon display more ads across native iOS apps

The most valuable company in the world right now appears to be expanding its advertising business for further revenue growth. By introducing ads in more pre-installed apps on the iPhone

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A New Detection System Could Save Sperm Whales From Ship Strikes

Greek scientists have developed technology to pinpoint a sperm whale’s location to within 40 meters of its 16 meter-long body by tracking the whale’s clicks. Through the course of their

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